As a city where sin of lust run rampart, Pattaya is a heaven for those who seeks pleasures from the call girls and prostitutes that is plenty to find in the bars in Pattaya.


Those who seeks to satiate their carnal desires can find various Go-Go bars that offers a unique and sometimes thematic bars complete with barely naked seducers that is available to take for a ‘short time’ fun that is common norm in Pattaya nightlife.

Below here is listed several of the wildest Go-Go Bars that you absolutely must visit during your stay in Pattaya. These bars and clubs are chosen for their unique traits and overall good services for the foreigners to enjoy a slice of Pattaya nightlife without need to worry about the budget.

  1. Airport Club

Location: Walking Street, Chon Buri

airport club pattaya
Airport Club Pattaya

Known as the most popular Go-Go bars in the Walking Street, the Airport Club is always jam packed with the visitors that has been tempted by the (fake) air hostess that tempts them to come inside the club, where bikini-clad attendees inside kept them to stay inside with the lascivious dances and sexy temptress whose willing to get hot with you. This is a must visit Go-Go bars in Pattaya, since it has great atmosphere and great ladies to have around for a short time services.

  1. Happy aGo-Go

Location: Golden Mile Plaza, Soi Happy

Happy aGo-Go
Happy aGo-Go

Located right at the end part of Soi Happy that nears from Walking Street, Happy aGo-Go offer various hot chicks that can accompany you in any occasion, where the management team are never low on the supply of sexy vixens even during their peak season. Happy aGo-Go bar is widely known to serve the best Pattaya girls that can be booked for a short time play or long time play depending on how much you are willing to pay for them.

  1. AngelWitch Rock Dancers

Location: Walking Street, Soi 15

The word ‘Rock Dance’ at the board sign is not just for a show. AngelWitch Rock Dancers bar also employ professional choreographer and highly trained dancers to play on the stages where the show is suitable for families to see below 9 PM. When the time has ticking above that said hours, the show will start to get more lewd, where the dancers will mesmerizes you with a hypnotic dancing that is irresistible for any man to see. The drink price might be slightly more expensive than the most pubs, but it is worthy spending for an amazing show that they have put in the stages.

  1. Windmill

Location: 27 / 79, Moo 10, Soi Diamond

If you wish for a hotter bar than the rest of the bars mentioned above, then Windmill Go-Go bar is the place where you should go instead. Inside the bars you will find many charming ladies that is ready to go wild in jacuzzi area, complete with an air bed where these girls willing to do a soap play with simulated sex on top of it. The price are pretty good too, making Windmill become a fun place to visit for your carnal lust.


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