Pattaya might be widely known as the place where debauchery runs rampart and the degeneration of morale is a common spectacle in this famous city of Thailand. But little that people know that Pattaya also offer an exquisite tourism spot that is rich in cultural value and strong sense of religion. One of the Pattaya attractions that matches with those qualities is the Sanctuary of Truth, which is a shrine that overlooks the whole Gulf of Thailand.

Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth

This particular shrine is located about 3 km away from the central part of Pattaya city. Upon arriving on the shrine, you will be greeted with a beautiful shrine that sits on the top of the cliff gazing down on theĀ  blue sea. This shrine is erected and constructed without any use of metallic substances, where there are no metal based nails used in the building and the entire shrine is made from entirely wood.

The mastermind behind this amazing shrine is the well-known Thai millionaire named Lek Viriyaphant, which is known to be the man behind the cultural preservation on various cultural heritage objects around Thailand. There are various construction sites that is devised by this man to protect the ancient structures and buildings in Thailand from destruction caused by humans and nature alike. For this splendid shrine, Mr. Lek Viriyaphant have employed hundreds of experienced woodworkers to continue to construct and maintained this whole shrine for the next 30 years to come.

The construction of the shrine is not finished yet, where an additional foyer and halls are designed in every day. The shrine is constructed with four different wings that is dedicated to the for religious iconography in Thailand; Khmer, Thai, Indian and Chinese. Each and every wing of the shrine is designed with an intricate architecture design that offers a fantastic display of cultural value. Each of the wings might not be finished in construction yet, but you can already see the constructed parts of the shrine that still remarkable even on its unfinished form.

There are also various engravings and sculpture that depicts various gods and goddesses in Hindu and Buddha religions. You can see the wood engravings along the walls of the shrines, which offers an aura of spiritual journey of a Hinduism and Buddhism upon walking through the insides of the shrine. You can also view several ornaments and tapestry which is designed as the homage to various deities or events inside the scriptures that is breathtaking and wonderful to see.

Sanctuary of Truth

To visit the Sanctuary of Truth, you are required to take a cab or motorcycle taxi to the shrine. You are required to follow the compulsory tours that will lead you various places inside the building for about a half an hour. There is also a cultural dance performance held by the local dancers and artisan at 11:30 and 15:30 each day from Monday to Sunday. To enjoy the trip to this shrine, you have to look for Pattaya hotels to rest up your weary legs after the long visit around the Sanctuary of Truth

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