A nightlife in Pattaya is always entertaining, where various worldly pleasures are available in every corner on the streets of Pattaya.  You can always see a pole dancing temptress swinging around wildly on the stage in the Infinity Club or enjoying the soap play between two girls bathe in harmonious chorus of a wild ride in Club Boesche. But if you are looking classical performance displayed in a show of glamorous ladies walks in elegantly and dance spectacularly at the center of the stage, then you should head over to the cabaret show.

Cabaret Show in Pattaya
Cabaret Show in Pattaya

Cabaret shows in Pattaya are always displayed in a spectacular way which made it the iconic Pattaya nightlife entertainment that is frequently visited by tourist and visitors alike to enjoy the splendid show brought by the ‘katoey’ or transvestites in Thailand. It is a common knowledge that the transvestites in Thailand are regarded as the most convincing ladyboy in whole world, where even people who are avid in nightlife might even have a hard time in distinguishing it. These beautiful and lustrous ladyboy are capable to bring you a show to remember throughout the night with their spectacular dances and iconic Thailand cultural stories presented in each performance.

If you are looking forward to enjoy a spectacular cabaret show in Pattaya, then there are three places that you should visit. These three places are regarded as the best establishment in cabaret show that offers you unique performances that is enjoyable for the Go-Go goers and regular tourist alike:

  1. Alcazar Cabaret Show

First established on November 8th, 1981, Alcazar Cabaret are widely known as the best establishment in Pattaya that offers an amazing Cabaret shows that is highly rated by various sites such as Tripadvisors.com and Viator.com. Alcazar Cabaret Show now host about 1200 seats that is fully booked in each performance, where the visitors ranging from a local tourist who want to taste the nightlife entertainment, Go-Go goers who seeks for transvestites performances and foreign visitors that is enthralled by the cultural value of Pattaya nightlife.

  1. Tiffany Cabaret Show

Another long running Cabaret show that has long standing in Pattaya with over 40 years of experience. Here in this place, you will be entertained by the stunning shows from transvestites complete with the special effects and engaging story line that captivates your eyes with the amazing performances. The transvestites are also regarded as the most beautiful in the Thailand, for various winners of Miss Ladyboy in Thailand are always hails from this establishment.

  1. Colosseum Cabaret Show

This Colosseum Cabaret Show might be the new player in the cabaret show business in Pattaya, but they are able to make up for it with a grand theatrical show presented in colossal scale. With various fresh faces and new talents joining up Colosseum cabaret show where it is fully equipped with brand new sound system and enthralling costumes that will captivate your eyes with the spectacular performances. The Colosseum cabaret show opens for business at 18:00 to 22:30 in local time, where each performances are displayed in 75 minutes every day.


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