Let’s face it; we know the main commodity of Pattaya is the sex tourism. There are many call girls, prostitutes, hookers, and escort ladies that is willing to get down with you in Pattaya hotels if you pay the right price. Pattaya nightlife offers you all the worldly pleasure of lust that is affordable even to the locals to get laid and having a ride of their lifetime. It can also cater several fetishes and preferences that normal people find it uncommon, but still attains a large market of satisfied client who loves the services that this city has to offer in sex industry.

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On the lower paragraph below, we specially listed many kinds of sex tourism in Pattaya that you need to know. From a normal play with the prostitutes to bizarre fetishes, we will list it all in this controversial article.

Red Light districts of Pattaya

Pattaya nightlife, sex tourism, pattaya nightlife, pattaya gogo, pattaya bar girlsFirstly, let’s start with the very basic facts. While countries like Amsterdam and UK confines all the prostitution in a single district, there are over six red light district in Pattaya that is evenly spread all around the city. One of the most popular red light districts is the Walking Street that only open for business at night and become a simple street at daytime. You can also find plenty of Go-Go bars in LK Metro that offers amazing atmosphere perfect for ‘date-and-fun’ situation.




If you want to be relaxed in a beer bar while accompanied with beautiful hostess ladies, then you should go to Soi 7 & Soi 8 district in Pattaya. Soi 6 also has a large number of short time girls that is ready to spend a quick relieve with you in nearby hotel. When you want to have sex with the bar girl, you should try to visit the Drinking Street, which is famous for variety of cute bar girls. Or if you can’t decide whether to go in a Go-Go bar or girlie bar, you can try both of them on Soi Bukhao street.

Ladyboys in Pattaya

Thailand are also infamous with the ladyboys that is convincingly very beautiful that many people are often mistaken them as a girls. While there are many ladyboy prostitutes present in Pattaya, many of them aspires to be a dancers in the Cabaret shows in Alcazar or Tiffany, which is equivalent as being an artist in Broadway in early 1900s. While most foreigners might be disgusted with the idea of man in women clad, several people digs them, which makes the ladyboy prostitutes still have a market in Pattaya.

Gay, Lesbians, BDSM, and Swingers: All available in Pattaya

Homosexual activities are a regular norm in Pattaya, where you can find various Gay Bars and Lesbian Clubs on the Boyz Town area. You can also find several secret clubs that dabbles in BDSM fetishes inside the Golden Mile Plaza that is tempting to try for once in a lifetime. For ladies and wives who are looking to cheat on their significant others, the Penthouse Hotel in Soi Pattaya Land 2 is the perfect place where unfaithful girls and cougars alike looking for a prey to have a one night stand with them.


Conclusion : It is because of this sex tourism that it’s know as the Sincity of asia.

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  1. I think your article should highlight the very real hazards of the danger of contracting serious sexually transmitted diseases. A few cases of syphilis are being reported lately and gonnereah is prevalent. Most medical certificates are worthless – girls can obtain a clean bill of health for @ £20. NEVER EVER indulge in any sex act, penetrative or oral, without a condom! Gogo clubs, although a bit more expensive (but only by another £20 or so) are the safest. Soi 6 – BEWARE!!
    And don’t forget l/b’s are young males and so quite strong, plus they stick together, so they will win any disputes, which are often!

    • Thanks for your comment!
      We will write about the dangerous of catching STD in pattaya & precautions that should be taken in our next articles.

      Thank you!

  2. Thesе are actually wonderful ideas in on the topic of blogging.
    You have touched somе good things here. Аny way keep սp wrinting.

    • Hello

      It varies from any where between 500 too 5000 baht. Walking street girls are cheap where as gogo bar girls will cost you more.


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