So you have decided to taste what Pattaya nightlife is all about, huh? Well, you won’t regret it. Since a nightlife in Pattaya is definitely an amazing one. There are hundreds of bars in Pattaya that can quench your thirst for a good booze and good woman to spend a night within.


bars in pattaya
Bars in Pattaya

Whether you will want to spend the night drinking away till you’re sober or taking the females away for a fun night together, it is up to your choice. And your budget, mostly.

Most of the beer bars in Pattaya houses several female hostesses who can speak a good English to keep you in company. These girls can also be brought away for spending a wild ride in nearby love hotels or backdoor alleys with certain prices. They can also keep you comfortable even if you don’t wish to have sex with them. Just be careful to not drink too much, or you will find that you’ll spend all of your savings on booze instead.

Below here we list several beer bars in Pattaya that is worth to visit. If you are deciding to taste the full experience of Pattaya nightlife, then you have to visit these clubs that we recommended below:

  1. Ann’s Angels bar

Location: Soi Khao Talo 2-4, South Pattaya

As one of the most frequently visited beer bars in Pattaya, Ann’s Angels Bar offer various seductive temptress that will accompany you to drink up your sorrow and having a great time throughout the night. Ann’s Angel Bar is located right about 200m from the streets of Sukhumvit, right beside Family Mart. Equipped with classical lounge settings that is comfortable to hold a long conversation, you will lose the passage of time here while drowning in booze and compliments from the beautiful girls this beer bar has to offer.

  1. The Booze Cruise

Location: Oceanside of Pattaya

If you prefer to have an exclusive party with an exotic boat in limited people cruise party, then you should book a ticket for The Booze Cruise. The cruise ship is usually docked at Siam Bayshore, but you will need to get a ticket in order to get on board into the ship. The tickets are available to book on Oscar Agogo LK Metro and Booze Lounge Soi Khao Talo for an exclusive price. Keep in mind that there are only 40 tickets available per cruise, so you need to get the tickets ASAP when it is available.

  1. Billabong Hotel-Bar

Location: Soi LK Metro, Pattaya

Billabong Hotel-Bar is a one stop place that offers hotel, restaurant, and a beer bar that is perfect to flirt on many girls who happen to visit or that is employed in the bar area. With a large areas that is equipped with two snooker tables that you can play for free and a wide HD TV complete with international sport channel, this bar is the perfect place to pick up a girl and spend a whole night without ever need to go outside the area to have a good time together.


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