There a lots of things to do in Pattaya that you can do to to take a break off from the raunchy nightlife and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Thailand.

pattaya floating market
pattaya floating market

Be it a scenic trip to the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden or visiting the masterpiece handiwork of Thailand’s most renowned woodworkers in Sanctuary of Truth, there are tons of beautiful places to go in Pattaya. What you really need to do is just an enough strength to venture around the city during daytime after you have a blast at the local pub last night.

One of the most favorite Pattaya attraction is the Floating Market that is located on Ban Lamung district. As the name implies, this market is floating above the body of water in the river that lies on the outskirts of Pattaya city. Various groceries, handicrafts and other stuffs that locals and tourist need is available to purchase in the several boats that is floating around the river.


The Conception of Floating Market

The idea to create a river trading market stems from the idea of establishing a market with a concept of presenting different cultures and tradition within four different regions around Thailand. The government wishes to display the way of living of these fore different tribes including their main activities and their product of trades that is native from their origins. This idea creates a massive floating Pattaya attraction that is rich in culture which converges all four different tribes into one giant market.

pattaya floating market
pattaya floating market


How to reach it

To reach the Floating Market, you are needed to take a bus ride that runs about 5 times everyday, which only cost you about 20 baht. These buses only appears every 2 hours, so you need to check out the time table in order to get in the bus at the right time. You can also opt to use a metered taxi or local Song Thaew to reach the Floating Market, but expect to pay a higher price to use their services.

Admission fees and how to get around

When the Floating market was first conceived, you can go visit the market straight without paying an admission fee. But since it has grown into a popularity, an admission fee of 600 baht is required to enter the premises. You will be offered a 4 people rowing boat complete with the man who handles the steering paddle. A trip around the Floating Market usually runs about 30 minutes, where if you wish to visit some skipped venue will cost you an additional fee to backtracking.

Things to buy on Floating Market

Since Floating Market is basically a commerce site where people from four different tribes offer their merchandise, you will bound to find various exotic gifts that is perfect for souvenirs to the people back home.  You can choose various niche souvenirs from the native tribes of Thailand such as silverware, wooden sculpture, garments, handicrafts, paper crafts, embroidery silk, sailing boat model, and so on. These things may be presented in high price for the starters, so you are required to bring locals to help you in negotiating the price to suit  with your budgets out here.



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