Majestic View of Buddha in Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan
Khao Chi Chan

Within years of technology advancement, it is possible for humankind to alter the shape of terrains with better efficiency than their predecessor did in the past. Various landmarks and monuments have utilized computers and advanced technologies to help the construction process to be faster, precise, and exact as what the blueprint model has intended. The use of technologies for construction has been used widely around the world in many projects, where one of the Pattaya attraction are also included within it.

The name of Pattaya attractions that uses technology in the construction is called Khao Chi Chan, which is also widely known as Buddha Mountain by the tourist and visitors that travels in here. In the base of the limestone hill here, you can see the giant image of Buddha who is technically engineered by utilizing lasers and computers to guide the grafting trajectory of the Khao Chi Chan hill. The grafting project has ended, but the marvelous result of technology utilization can be enjoyed even to this day. If you want to have some things to do in Pattaya, you ought to have visited this place at least once in your lifetime.

The story behind  Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan
Khao Chi Chan

At the beginning, the limestone hill of  Khao Chi Chan are cracked for the purpose of construction in Thailand. The hill might have gone by now if the genius artisan named Phra Yan Sang Worn didn’t suggest to use the limestone hill to carve an enormous Buddha painting lined in gold as a commemoration for the 50th birthday of the Majesty King Bhumibol. He pleaded to the King in order to fashion the hill surface into a Buddha to honor his Majesty longevity back in 1996 .

After gaining approval from the palace, Phra Yan Sang Worn begin to design the Buddha image based on the Pang Man Wichai Style that depicts the picture that we have come to know today. Then, the laser used for grafting the hill was guided by the images from the computer to produce an exact grafting result as how the design portrays. When the grafting is done, the lines of the grafting are painted in gold which produce the graceful form Buddha sitting on the surface of the hill.

            How to reach the  Khao Chi Chan Buddha Mountain

The hills of  Khao Chi Chan can be reached by taking the Sukhumvit Road located in the south of Pattaya, where it is situated about 6 kilometers on the Km. 160 of the road. It will take about 20 to 30 minutes of travelling from Pattaya city to the entrance of the hill. To get in here, you can take a songtaew, which is a bus that is available throughout the city that can take you there for about 400 baht. There is also an alternative for transportation where you can hire a car, taking a cab, or calling for motorbike taxi where they will charge you about 600 baht for a single trip to there.


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