Unleash your wild nature in Flight of the Gibbons Tour right in Pattaya

Most people who have visited Pattaya might only know that Pattaya attractions that is widely popular in the city is sex biz industry that is spanning around Walking Street or Cabaret show that only opens and midnight.

Flight of the Gibbons
Flight of the Gibbons

Those who shun away from indecent nightlife might recommend you to take a cultural tour to various religious sites that is scattered around Pattaya, or probably visit the museum and art gallery that is unique in Pattaya. But what about the adrenaline seekers? Is there no things to do in Pattaya that can sate the thirst for action for the extreme sport junkies?

The answer for that question above is actually a yes. There is one place in Pattaya that can offer you an extreme excitement from gliding down from tree to tree in the dense rainforest that surrounds the area around Pattaya to Bangkok. The name of the wildest Pattaya attraction is the Flight of the Gibbons, which offer you a chance to experience what is it to be a gibbon whose gliding down from tree to tree. With over than 3 kilometers long zip line that is set around various tall trees in Chonburi rainforest, you can finally unleash your wildest nature in gliding around the forest thanks to the professional expert of the Flight of the Gibbon.

  • Where to book for the Flight of the Gibbons

The Flight of the Gibbons attraction is located right on the Chonburi rainforest area that is located about 1 hour travel from both in Pattaya and the capital city of Bangkok. You can’t just go into the area without any reservation, but instead you need to book a tour plan on the https://www.treetopasia.com/contact-us in order to make your reservation for this exhilarating tour. The price for the tour plan is about 3,599 baht for each person, where there are also rules, terms, and regulations that must be adhered in order to participate in the Flight of the Gibbons tour.

Flight of the Gibbons
Flight of the Gibbons

Getting Prepared

When you have made your reservation for the Flight of the Gibbons tour, make sure that you have disclosed where will you stay in Thailand so the crew can pick you up on the tour day. It will take about one hour travel from your stay in Pattaya or Jomtien area to the base camp for the gliding tour. When you finally arrive at the base camp, the tour guide will salute you for your participation in Flight of the Gibbons tour, where you are welcomed briefed with the safety measurement of the tour along with the preparation needed to start the tour properly.

When you have equipped your gliding harness, you will be guided into the first gliding point while being mentored for the safety briefing along the way. Upon reaching the gliding point, you will be guided by the expert crew to glide around the dense rainforest in 24 platforms that is encircling the whole area. You will be also guided to variety of plants and wildlife found around the rainforest.

The Flight of the Gibbons tour will take for almost one full day, so make sure you have prepared the necessity items to be brought in the rainforest when you book a tour plan with us.


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