pattaya nightlife

Pattaya has gained an international reputation as the World’s top spots in nightlife entertainment. Various   vulgar parties with the sexy ladies and charming ladyboys are displayed in daily basis in this carefree city, where almost every indecent acts are running free in the enclosed space of pub, bars, and cabaret shows. But aside from the raunchy parties on pubs and bars, you can also find various places that offer prestigious pool parties or an evening dinner accompanied with live music attraction.

Almost every kind of Pattaya nightlife activities can be found around the city, from a relaxing classical dinner at prestigious restaurant to a raving pool party complete with exotic chicks in bikini. If you wish to experience the full extent of what nightlife in Pattaya has to offer, we will list you several places and things to be experienced in Pattaya.

Erotic Go-Go Clubs

pattaya nightlife

There are almost hundreds of erotic pubs, bars, and clubs that offer exotic ladies that can give you a night to remember in Pattaya. Several Clubs such as Club Boesche and Club Insomnia are widely popular as a place where go-go goers are able to flirt with local girls and have a one night stand with them. Thematic erotic club such as Airport Club are also offer the beautiful ladies dressed as aviation hostess to attract new customers and present a crazy indoor pool party that imitates private party jets complete with scantily dressed temptress that allures you with their charms to spend a night together,

Ladyboy Cabaret Show

pattaya ladyboys

Despite the Cabaret show is usually intended for an adult entertainment, these ladyboy show is actually family friendly to see. And yes, when you read the word “ladyboy”, it refers to a man who dressed and acts convincingly as a women. All of the performers in Cabaret show are in fact transvestites called “katoey” in native language. These performers dons a glamorous and attractive costumes to play a show that usually focuses on the Thailand culture ranging from folklore to real life stories. With an amazing performance and cheerful acts from the performers, you are guaranteed to have a good show in the Alcazar Show or Colosseum Show in Pattaya.

Pool Party

A nightlife in Pattaya is not complete without any pool party that gives great atmosphere of a beach party complete with the raving music to shake your body.  Clubs like Planet Earth Beach Club are the perfect place to enjoy an amazing pool party at anytime even during midday, while widely known Hard Rock Club is the place where foreigners and exotic locals alike joined together in an amazing pool party that is enjoyable to spend the whole night.

Elegant Dinner

If you wish to stay away from the noise and prefer to have a quite dinner night with your significant others, there are several place in Pattaya where you can have a classy and elegant dinner. Havanna Bar is the place where upper class societies of Pattaya gather together and have a fine night in calm atmosphere. Or you can enjoy a romantic dinner accompanied with classical jazz music in Frigg bar, where its is widely known as the gentlest area around Pattaya.




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