Any man who is planning on traveling to Pattaya will want to be aware of the “ladyboys,” which are men dressed up as women. It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between a genuine lady and a ladyboy, which is why you need all of the help you can get. While it’s true that these ladyboys can appear very feminine, there are certain ways to spot them before you get yourself into a regrettable situation.

One of the first things to look at when it comes to spotting a ladyboy is how tall the person is. A majority of ladyboys are taller than the average Thai girl. She is unusually tall, you might want to start looking at some other things so you can make the right decision.

Males in Thailand tend to have straight bodies, whereas women have curvier, shapely bodies. Even most thin women are usually at least somewhat shapely.

How to Spot them

A lot of Pattaya ladyboys have larger hands and feet than genuine ladies, so that is something else to look for. You should also try to see if the “woman” you are talking to has an Adam’s apple or not. There are some ladyboys who purposely have their Adam’s apple reduced so it isn’t as noticeable. You should also listen to the person’s voice to see if it’s deep or not.

The presence of a penis is one of the more obvious giveaways when it comes to spotting a ladyboy. While you can also simply grab the women to see if she has a penis, this could get you in big trouble. You may not discover this until you get to the room. Another reason to leave the lights on in the room!

Ladyboys usually wear a lot of makeup. They may be trying to hide their facial hair, or just to look more feminine and attractive to men. The way in which you are approached by a “woman” is something else to consider. If you are approached in a fairly aggressive or seductive way, you might want to think twice about the person’s gender. Thai women tend to be very shy and wait for men to make the first move.

Have a look at who she is with. If some of her friends are ladyboy-like then you may want to have a serious think about it. Ladyboys tend to hang out with other ladyboys.

Make sure that you are always very careful when it comes to walking the streets late at night, especially in sketchy areas. A lot of ladyboys try to seduce drunk men as they are walking back home, so be aware of this during your trip. Make sure that you judge the person you are talking to based on numerous factors and not just one. You don’t want to blow it with a beautiful genuine woman simply because you were paranoid. Never make decisions about who to sleep with while you are intoxicated—you will need all of your wits about you when doing this.


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