• Always have sufficient insurance wherever you travel.

• When booking a hotel make sure you won’t be charged an additional fee if you bring a

woman back.

• The cultures and customs of Thai people might seem a bit strange or annoying at times,

but just remember that you are in their country, not yours.

• Motor vehicles always have the right of way over pedestrians. Vehicles are not required

to stop for you, so keep that in mind when walking around. Always look both ways

before crossing a road, especially a busy one.

• Do not drink tap water under any circumstances. You can use it when brushing your

teeth, but do not swallow it.

• Always respect the traditions and culture of Thailand while you are visiting. Never say

anything insulting about Buddha or the king.

• It is considered to be very disrespectful to go in public with a shirt that does not cover

your shoulders.

• Never touch a Thai person on the head—it is simply part of their culture and considered

to be disrespectful.

• Do not show the bottoms of your feet while out in public, as doing so is also considered

to be disrespectful.

• Never blow your nose at a table while eating with Thai people.

• Always smile and do not act aggressive in any way.

• Do not partake of drugs or keep drugs on your person—you could get in a lot of trouble

with the local authorities.

• Do not carry your ATM card around with you, as it will be difficult to replace if it gets

lost or stolen.

• Never flash large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery, as it is seen as a sign of

disrespect. It could also increase your chances of getting robbed.

• Remember that Thai people are typically conservative when it comes to public displays

of affection. You shouldn’t experience any problem with this in Pattaya, but you might in

other areas of the country.

• Try your best not to drink too much. By doing so you could easily mistake a ladyboy for

a genuine lady, which is most likely the last thing you want to happen.

• Don’t make any solid plans, but rather just go with the flow and play it by ear.

• Before you visit Pattaya, it’s highly recommended that you join an internet forum to

speak with people from this area and get as much information as possible about the


• Don’t take too many things from home with you. Anything that you have forgotten can

be purchased in Pattaya at a fairly cheap price.

• Always avoid getting into arguments with locals, because you don’t want to get into a

situation that threatens your safety or well-being at all.

• Never let your guard down completely with other foreigners while you are in Thailand.

You don’t have to be paranoid, but just be careful.

• Do not take any photos in a gogo bar. If you want to look at the camera roll on your

phone, make sure it is evident that you aren’t trying to take a picture.


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