Pattaya, Thailand
Monday, May 20, 2019
Khao Chi Chan
Majestic View of Buddha in Khao Chi Chan Within years of technology advancement, it is possible for humankind to alter the shape of terrains with better efficiency than their predecessor did in the past. Various landmarks and monuments have utilized computers and advanced technologies to help the construction process to be faster, precise, and exact as what the blueprint model...
  Most of the people who visit Pattaya only seeks for the nightlife pleasure that has become the tip of the spear to the tourism in Pattaya. But little do they know that Pattaya are also have several tourism spot that is breathtaking and amazing to visit aside the lust-driven clubs and pubs that operates on midnight. Visitor who are...
Wat Phra Yai
Thailand is the place where two different religions; Buddha and Hinduism joined together in harmony as their respective religion believers works together in the cooperative and hospitable society. These creates various religious sites and sanctuaries that adds several more things to do in Pattaya that you can visit during your stay in one of the largest tourism spot in...