Pattaya, Thailand
Friday, January 18, 2019
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Newbie Guide to Pattaya

Pattayahotels.co is your free guide to your first visit to Pattaya. If you have never been to Thailand you are in for a treat that you will never forget. Welcome to land of Smiles.

  There are quite a few different scams in Pattaya that you will need to be aware of before visiting this area of Thailand. The more informed you are about the different types of scams some people try to run, the better your chances will be of avoiding them altogether. Since you are going to be on holiday, it’s important not...
1. You will need to keep in mind that mongering is just another way to add excitement to your life, and it’s definitely not a replacement for a wife and children. 2. Always make sure that you are respectful of the girls’ culture and traditions; never attempt to enlighten them to Western traditions. Stay calm and collected at all times,...
Any man who is planning on traveling to Pattaya will want to be aware of the “ladyboys,” which are men dressed up as women. It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between a genuine lady and a ladyboy, which is why you need all of the help you can get. While it’s true that these ladyboys can...
There are a lot of people in countries all over the world who can visit Thailand without needing to apply for a visa before they come in. If you are interested in this kind of entry, you will just need a valid passport and proof that you have transportation to take you out of the country. You can certainly...
To be honest we can list 100 different reason for you to book your next holiday to Thailand, from its wild nightlife too its exotic beaches & delicious food, Thailand offers something for everyone but in this short article we have tried to touch upon 5 reason's that will definitely leave you mesmerised & If you are currently in the process...