If you are planning on visiting Pattaya, you will definitely want to make a point of choosing the right hotel to visit. There are a lot of different hotels to choose from in this area of Thailand, so it is important that you make a point of seeing what your options are like. Choosing the right hotel will mean getting as much enjoyment as possible out of your trip to Thailand.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is a good and fairly economical choice for those who are currently searching for a hotel in Pattaya. This hotel will provide you with a rooftop bar where you can go to order drinks and just relax after you’ve had an eventful day of sightseeing. The rooms in this hotel are always clean, and you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of amenities to keep you comfortable for the duration of your stay. Holiday Inn hotels are generally regarded as being great places to stay, and this one is no different.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 87 USD.

Holiday Inn Pattaya

While it’s true that the Hilton hotel is a bit on the expensive side, at least compared to other hotels in the area, it does have a lot to offer. The rooms in this hotel are large and very clean, so you will be sure to have an excellent experience here. The Pattaya Hilton is located in the middle of the city, so you will find that everything from bars to markets will be within walking distance. If you are looking for a hotel that is close to many different things in this city, you will definitely want to consider staying at the Hilton. This hotel has a lot of luxurious rooms to offer for those who can afford it.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 140 USD.

Hilton Hotel Pattaya
Hard Rock

The Hard Rock hotel will make you feel just like you are at home while you’re there. This hotel treats every single guest like royalty, so you can always be sure that your needs will get met. This hotel offers a spa and pool, as well as a delicious breakfast buffet each morning.

Many people who come to visit Pattaya end up staying at the Hard Rock hotel, simply because it has affordable rooms that are also clean and fairly spacious. It has a balcony that faces the sea, so you will have an incredibly view to gaze out upon while you are there. The beach as well as shopping is only a short distance away from this hotel.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 90 USD.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Red Planet

If you are looking for a good hotel in Pattaya that isn’t too expensive, the Red Planet hotel is definitely an option that you should at least look into. The staff at this hotel is very friendly and helpful, so you shouldn’t experience any problems at all when it comes to getting every single one of your needs met. The beach is only about a 5 minute walk from the hotel, allowing you to go there whenever you want without any issues whatsoever.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 27 USD.

Red Planet Pattaya Hotel
Hotel Baraquda

The Hotel Baraquda is a fairly unique place to stay in Pattaya, and it has a very cozy ambiance that you will be sure to love. There is a pool and fitness center in this hotel, and each room has a very stylish modern look to it. This hotel is fairly affordable for most people who are visiting Pattaya, so you shouldn’t have any problem affording a room here.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 79 USD.

Premier Inn

The Premier Inn offers a number of luxury rooms that come with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, top notch housekeeping, soft beds, a roof top swimming pool, and just about everything else you could possibly ask for. While it’s true that the rooms in this hotel are a bit small, the rates go as low as $31. If you want a nice hotel that you are going to feel really comfortable in, this one is definitely worth taking a close look at.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at 31 USD.
Premier Inn Pattaya
Amari Garden Pattaya

The Amari Garden Pattaya is yet another wonderful place to call home while you are visiting this area of Thailand. It has a beautiful garden, large pool, and a fitness center so you can work out during your stay if you so desire. One of the best things about this hotel is that it is walking distance from the beach, so you can go down there anytime you want. There is a breakfast buffet that you can advantage of every morning as well.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at $66.

Amari Garden Pattaya
Rabbit Resort

The Rabbit Resort offers some of the most spacious rooms in the entire Pattaya area. You will quickly discover that this hotel can provide you with all of the amenities you need to stay comfortable during your visit, including heat, air conditioning, a television, and a breathtaking view of the ocean. This is the perfect place to stay at in this area, especially if you are looking for a hotel with friendly and attentive staff. Although the rooms are a bit more expensive here than some other places, it is well worth the expense if you can afford it.

Price : Rates for this hotel start at around $110 USD per room.

Rabbit Resort


Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

The Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort is a great place to stay at if you are visiting Pattaya with your family. This hotel offers a lot of different amenities, as well as entertainment for both kids and adults. This hotel is also ideal for couples who are on their honeymoon and want a romantic but relaxing place to stay while in Pattaya.

Price : Rooms at this hotel start at $120 USD

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort


Siam@Siam Design

The facilities at the Siam@Siam Design Hotel are always clean, and the staff is very helpful and responsive when you need something. There are two different pools, a gym, a club lounge that serves alcoholic beverages, and much more. This five-star hotel is very close to the beach and has a remarkable number of positive reviews online from those who have stayed there in the past. The rooms at this hotel are fairly large, and you will have lots of different amenities to keep you in the lap of luxury.

Price : Rates for this hotel start at around $70 USD per room.

Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

There are numerous hotels to choose from in the Pattaya area, but you will not want to select just any of them. Instead you will need to make a point of researching the options you have so you can select the right one overall. You will certainly be glad you decided to do this research.

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