“Baffle Your Mind in Art in Paradise.”

If you wish to have your mind blown while having a good laughter with your friends or families, then you have to visit the exquisite gallery of Art in Paradise.

art in paradise
Art in Paradise

As a well-known Pattaya attraction with hundreds of tourist visiting it each day, the art presented in the Art of Paradise is all about 3D illusion that makes the picture to appear breaking out the fourth wall. Meaning that you can pose in the painting of a shark that is so well made that it seems that the shark is alive and ready to eat you in a second.

Nominated as the top things to do in Pattaya by various travel agents, Art in Paradise have received more than thousand visitors each month. Visitor generally like the art gallery due to the unique traits of paintings and exhibition that seems to be alive where they can pose around the picture based on the event depicted in it. It is guaranteed that you will have a lots of laughter and good time whether you travel in group or by your spouse in this mind bending art gallery.

How to get there

The art gallery of Art in Paradise is located on Pattaya 2nd Road no. 78/34. You can easily go there by taking a cab or using motorcycle taxi that is plenty to find around the streets of Pattaya. Since it is located on one-way street, you should not find any difficulties in finding the venue. If you need another clue or landmark, the entrance of the art gallery is about 20 meters from Pattaya Soi street, where it is close to the Dolphin Roundabout that connects 4 different roads altogether.

Things to do in Pattaya - Art in Paradise
Things to do in Pattaya – Art in Paradise

Admission fees to enter Art in Paradise

The price to enter the venue is about 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for kids. But these prices only apply for a foreigner only. Citizen of Thailand will get a promotional discount on the admission fee where they are only charged for 150 baht for entry. To attain this discount, you must show your work permit or driving license to the ticketing staff for identification approval.

Things to do in the gallery

As what we stated above, Art in Paradise offers an amazing paintings and exhibitions that creates n illusion of three dimensional landscape. There are over than 100 of paintings available in here that you can pose for, ranging from posing as a raiders of ancient Egyptian tombs, backing down as an eagle sweep over your head, or you can pose yourself as a beautiful mermaid lying under a cozy cave under the sea. There are no bans on photography in this art gallery. In fact, it is highly encouraged that you have to take a picture to be shown to your relatives and colleagues back home.

To visit all the paintings and exhibition will takes you about 2 hours, where it can takes for about 5 to 6 hours if you wish to pose for every exhibitions in this large art gallery. Fortunately, there is a cafe inside the gallery that offers replenishment and even souvenir shop for you to buy art supplies and tools in case you got imaginative after your visit in this art gallery.



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