1. You will need to keep in mind that mongering is just another way to add excitement to your life, and it’s definitely not a replacement for a wife and children.

2. Always make sure that you are respectful of the girls’ culture and traditions; never attempt to enlighten them to Western traditions. Stay calm and collected at all times, even when you encounter instances of bureaucracy and corruption. Remember that it was your choice to travel to this country, and you are getting a great deal by being able to sleep with these girls for such little money.

3. Be realistic when it comes to the kinds of girls you expect to get when you visit Thailand.Men who are not young, fit and handsome shouldn’t expect to get extremely beautiful women and mind-blowing experiences in bed. You will want to decide ahead of time when it comes to the type of girls you’ll be going after. If you have enough money,however, you can easily get a girl who is gorgeous and will do whatever it takes to please you in bed.

4. Money is definitely important when it comes to getting beautiful girls in Thailand, though there are a lot of other factors that you should take into consideration. Your hygiene and overall appearance will be other things to consider.

5. Never attempt to impress the girls you meet with your hotel room or by taking them to expensive restaurants. Openly displaying how much money you have will never be able to buy you a better experience with the girls you meet.

6. Always go with your gut when it comes to anything, including how old a girl you meet might be. If your instincts are telling you that the girl is underage, you should listen to it.if you doubt her gender – you must consider her a man; if you doubt her sobriety – you must consider her high on nasty drugs; if you doubt her sanity – you must consider her a nutcase. Better safe than sorry – move to the next one.

7. You’ll need to resist the urge to fight with any of the girls you meet in Thailand about anything. If you discover that things probably aren’t going to work out, just smile politely, pay her and go on your way.

8. If you have confidence in your ability not to argue with any of the girls you meet, you will want to feel free to stay with them as long as you want.Don’t hurry to banish a girl you are having a good time with. fuck the “1 night ” rule.

9. Never feel like you have anything to prove, whether it is to yourself or the girls you meet. If you are enjoying the time you’re spending with a girl, don’t toss her aside because one of your friends said she is ugly. if you feel sleepy and lacking energy– don’t force yourself to take a girl (esp. if you don’t see anyone you like) – it’s OK to take a night off if you feel like it; Don’t get into drinking competitions – your highschool days are over; Don’t pop 3 V pills to show her you are the greatest lover she has ever had – you are not; Don’t get in a fight with other punters over your girlfriend’s honor – she isn’t your girlfriend, and it’s not your duty to protect her honor.

10. Although the above mentioned tips can be extremely valuable for men who are traveling to this part of the world but you shouldn’t follow them too rigidly. Just play it by ear and see where things go.


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