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Newbie Guide to Pattaya

Pattayahotels.co is your free guide to your first visit to Pattaya. If you have never been to Thailand you are in for a treat that you will never forget. Welcome to land of Smiles.

There are a few rules that you will need to follow so you can stay completely safe during your trip to Thailand. While it’s true that the city of Pattaya is fairly safe, there are still some things you’ll want to keep in mind. Staying Safe and out of Trouble in Pattaya The last thing you want is to get into...
Any man who is planning on traveling to Pattaya will want to be aware of the “ladyboys,” which are men dressed up as women. It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between a genuine lady and a ladyboy, which is why you need all of the help you can get. While it’s true that these ladyboys can...
  There are quite a few different scams in Pattaya that you will need to be aware of before visiting this area of Thailand. The more informed you are about the different types of scams some people try to run, the better your chances will be of avoiding them altogether. Since you are going to be on holiday, it’s important not...
• Always have sufficient insurance wherever you travel.• When booking a hotel make sure you won’t be charged an additional fee if you bring awoman back.• The cultures and customs of Thai people might seem a bit strange or annoying at times,but just remember that you are in their country, not yours.• Motor vehicles always have the right of way over pedestrians. Vehicles...
Police It is important to keep in mind that the police system in Thailand is different than that at home in a few ways. Police officers in Thailand do not make very much money, so the public is essentially responsible for supporting them financially. Police in Thailand are often called the BIB (boys in brown) because of their uniforms. Although it probably...
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